Mortgage-to-rent scheme launched

The Mortgage-to-Rent scheme, the latest lifeline thrown to defaulted borrowers, is going ahead, as KEDIPES, the state-owned Asset Management Company, announced its blueprint on Tuesday. Representing the former Coop Bank turned bad

Can’t buy, unable to rent

Increased mortgage rates have dashed dreams of owning a home, leaving many in a catch-22 situation as rents are rising, exceeding what families pay in monthly instalments for a housing loan. Interest


Mortgage-to-rent to get go ahead

Brussels hinted at approval for the mortgage-to-rent scheme for distressed borrowers, urging Cypriot authorities to create a company dedicated to managing it. The European Commission’s Directorate-General of Competition has instructed the Ministry


Mortgage-to-rent scheme in trouble

The Mortgage to Rent scheme, the government’s latest lifeline for distressed borrowers, is in rough seas after the Finance Ministry claimed to be in the dark over the exact number of eligible

Is it better to rent or buy?

Is it best to buy or rent? Unfortunately, this is a recurring issue that most young people with limited funds and other buyers need to address from time to time. When one


No dream home for Millennials

Cyprus’ Millennials and Generation Z struggle to make the dream of owning their home, forced to rent a roof over their head, in line with the European trend, argue real estate agents.