Bank of Cyprus revelling in comeback

Bank of Cyprus has “the wind in its sails” and has upgraded its guidance for 2023 after exceeding targets last year, its chief executive officer said, a decade after the island’s biggest

Cyta puts profits to good use

Cyprus’ Telecommunications Authority (Cyta) is to absorb the additional cost of inflation and energy, putting their record profits to good use. Talking before the House Finance Committee, the chair of Cyta Michalis

AKEL wants 90% windfall tax on RES profits

Main opposition party AKEL has tabled two bills targeting excess profits with a whopping 90% windfall tax on energy producers working with Renewable Energy Sources. The bills tabled by the left-wing party

Hellenic Bank profits halved to €21 mln

Hellenic Bank saw its nine-month after-tax profits halved to €21 mln, from €40 mln in the same period last year, following a flat third quarter. It reported €8.2 mln in after-tax profits