Electricity bills rise 109% in three years

Households have seen their power bills more than double since 2020, as Cyprus has become the seventh most expensive in the European Union for electricity. Based on official data from the Cyprus

Price increases for most staple foods

In July, the Prices Observatory conducted by the Consumer Protection Service (CPS) recorded increased prices for 32 out of 45 categories of staple foods. There were price deductions for 13 staple food categories. However,


Soaring demand for real estate

The Cyprus real estate market recorded an upswing during the first quarter of 2023, with prices continuing to rise, particularly for flats, driven by increased demand. According to data published Tuesday by


Inflation at two-year low 2.8%

Harmonized inflation plunged in June to 2.8% compared to last year, falling to the lowest level in nearly two years due to a significant drop in energy prices. A year earlier, the annual