Energy policy flickers in darkness

Successive governments have declared for over a decade that they want to develop the island’s onshore and offshore resources for Cyprus to become an energy hub, linking the Middle East, northern Africa,


Falling short on energy policy

The cost of energy in Cyprus has long been expensive, whether fuel for transport or electricity for household and commercial use. And nobody seems to care. When prices at petrol pumps peaked


Energy policy causes gas leak

Now the football season is coming to a close with a few finals left to be decided in Europe; nothing is more entertaining than the government trying to sell its shiny new


Energy landmark for government policy

The energy workshop taking place in Nicosia is viewed as the first significant milestone in shaping the decisions of Cyprus’ future oil and gas strategy. Minister of Energy George Papanastasiou told CNA

No more special favours

An economic and business policy is not a list of promises about what a presidential candidate will do for every social and professional group in the country to win their votes. Economic