Changes in Turkish foreign policy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created new geopolitical data in Europe and the eastern Mediterranean. Its multiple consequences prompted NATO to invite Sweden and Finland to join NATO. This allowed Turkey to play


Nearly story of Cyprus joining NATO

Cyprus and NATO is an old story. In 1959, when the London Agreements for establishing the Republic of Cyprus was signed, the United Kingdom favoured Cyprus joining the Commonwealth and the Council


US strategy on Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has disrupted decades of peace and stability in Europe, threatening years of economic and social progress in the region. Russia benefited enormously from the cooperation with its European


Aftershocks of the Ukraine war

The end of the Cold War, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, left a situation based on promises but nothing in writing. East Germany was incorporated into the Federal Republic of


Ukraine bludgeoned on NATO’s doorstep

Putin’s ‘peace operation’ in the heart of Europe is doing a good job of trying to smash Ukraine into submission while ensuring the Russian economy never recovers. The KGB’s least illustrious officer


Europe’s darkest hour

Putin’s sucker punch to the West could be seen coming from space, but the pugilists in the ring didn’t think he would risk a hammer blow at the heart of democracy in


UK boosting NATO eastern Europe defences

UK’s substantial contribution to NATO’s uplift in Eastern Europe is strengthening the Alliance’s Defences on land, sea and air, amid ongoing tensions with Russia. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is in Brussels Thursday