Cyprus Armenians protest Azeri ‘ethnic cleansing’

Armenians of Cyprus defied pouring rain to march through the capital Nicosia on Sunday demonstrating against Azerbaijan’s “ethnic cleansing” of Nagorno-Karabagh, with similar protests organised in twenty other European capitals. Several hundred


Armenia is not doomed!

“Our historical lands are the Erivan khanate (i.e. Yerevan), the Goycha (i.e. Lake Sevan) and Zangezur (i.e. Syunik) Mahals. The time will come when we will live there. I believe in and


Armenia’s five challenges to recovery

After three decades of independence following the collapse of the Soviet Union, tiny Armenia faces a plethora of challenges, not least because of hostile intentions from its neighbours. With limited natural resources


Cyprus calls for calm in Nagorno-Karabakh

Cyprus has called on all sides in Nagorno-Karabakh to cease hostilities while condemning outside interference after trouble flared in the region that could escalate into a full-blown war. In a telephone conversation