No clipping hawks’ wings

By Moody’s Analytics If there was any doubt that the Federal Reserve was serious about taming inflation, it should be gone after the September meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee as


Cyprus hails Moody’s economy upgrade

The Finance Ministry welcomed Moody’s acknowledgement the Cyprus economy was resilient and had the potential to overcome the challenges. The ministry issued a statement following Moody’s decision to change the outlook on

Fed isn’t popping champagne

By Moody’s Analytics U.S. consumers finally got a little relief on the inflation front in July because of a significant decline in gasoline prices, but the Federal Reserve isn’t going to celebrate


Moody’s predicts Cyprus stagflation

Price increases in Cyprus are likely to become permanent as the Ukraine war persists, warned rating agency Moody’s. In a report on the impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the agency

Fed may go straight to ludicrous speed

By Moody’s Analytics The June U.S. consumer price index has financial markets increasing their bets on a 100-basis point rate hike at the upcoming meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. The


Lost that lovin’ feeling

By Moody’s Analytics U.S. recessions are ultimately a loss of faith: consumers lose faith that they will have a job and pull back on their spending, and businesses lose faith that there

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