Cyprus struggling with migrant flows

Cyprus struggles to cope with high numbers of asylum seekers, as in the first 18 days of January, over 700 migrants have filed applications for international protection. According to data cited by


Twelve migrants depart for Vatican

The first group of 12 migrants have departed Cyprus for the Vatican after Pope Francis agreed to offer them asylum during his visit to the island earlier this month. An Interior Ministry


Pope says Med is migrant graveyard

Pope Francis denounced the Mediterranean Sea as a graveyard for migrants shortly before embarking on his trip to Cyprus and Greece, where he will give a message of support for refugees. “I


Migrants: A crisis of compassion

Cypriots have first-hand experience of what it is to be a refugee, an orphan of conflict needing a helping hand to rebuild stolen lives. In past decades, Cypriots have been the unwanted


Children of a lesser government

When the government spokesman declared that 30% of pre-school children are migrants and 16% of elementary pupils, he opened Pandora’s Box on an issue this administration seems to tolerate, under pressure from


Government under fire for migrant scaremongering

The government has been criticised by children’s rights commissioner Despo Michaelidou over recent comments about the high percentage of migrants in the education system. Government spokesman Marios Pelekanos made the comments after

Turkey using migrants to leverage EU

Austria’s minister for the European Union accused Turkey of using migrant flows as a means to pressure the 27-member bloc for its own purposes and warned that the EU wouldn’t be “blackmailed”


Cyprus progress in stemming illegal migrants

Interior Minister Nicos Nouris told MPs that Cyprus had prevented illegal immigrants from arriving by boat while clamping down on sham marriages. Nouris, who briefed the House Interior  Committee, said Cyprus ranks

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