233 illegal migrants repatriated

Some 233 people who resided illegally in Cyprus have departed the country within a week as part of Police efforts to deport third-country nationals to their countries of origin. Police said that in addition, ten people who

Nearly 8,000 illegal migrants deported

Some 16 third-country nationals who resided illegally in Cyprus were identified and arrested during a recent coordinated police operation. As part of efforts to return third-country nationals to their countries of origin,

264 Syrian migrants arrive in 48 hours

More than 250 Syrian migrants arrived in Cyprus onboard three boats over the weekend, causing heightened concern amongst authorities over a possible influx as police bust another people smuggling ring. Some 264

Cyprus speeds up asylum applications

Some 25 additional examiners have been hired by the Asylum Service to reduce processing times of applications, Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou said Monday. Ioannou said bolstering the service’s workforce was crucial to

A wake-up call on the streets of Limassol

Ironically, the one time the police took right-wing extremist violence seriously, the protestors didn’t turn up, and those non-Cypriot-looking people told to stay indoors could come out of hiding. Although the left


Asylum applications drop 51%

For the first time in years, Cyprus has seen a shift in migrant arrivals and departures, as asylum applications have halved over the last six months, said Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou. During

Dial down the bigotry and hate

There should be little surprise in government that several years of negative messaging about the irregular migrant ‘tidal wave’ transcended into extremist violence in Chlorakas. What the politicians failed to grasp, and


Uneasy quiet settles in Chlorakas

An eerie calm pervades Chlorakas, Paphos, following recent violent outbreaks between Syrian refugees and extreme right-wing groups. While the local community is returning to normal, authorities are on alert, fearing a repeat

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