Asia starts week cautiously

By Jeffrey Halley Recessionary concerns continue to hold back the buy-the-dippers in Asia on Monday, with stock markets ignoring the strong rally by US index futures. It is always worth taking the


A perfect storm is brewing

Without COVID to keep people in check, the government is wobbling to the finish line like a lame horse in the Grand National. After spending a truckload in state support to keep


Another turbulent day

By Craig Erlam Thursday was another turbulent session after stock markets turned sharply lower on Wednesday with investors fretting over the economic outlook for this year. Results from Walmart and Target this


UK inflation hits 40-year high

By Craig Erlam European equity markets were a little flat on Wednesday, with inflation data in the morning once again offering a reminder of the struggles that lie ahead. There are also


Cost of living continues to bite

Cypriot consumers are being hit by one nasty shock after another, as prices for basic foodstuffs increase from 10% to over 100% in just a few months, with demand for government intervention

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