Building permits decline, costs rise

Building permits issued in Cyprus from January to November declined by an annual 5.4%, but the total value rose 1.2%, reflecting increasing construction costs amid soaring inflation and supply chain disruptions. According to


Housing booms are over as prices fall

Housing booms across many advanced economies are coming to a halt due to rising mortgage rates and weak economic growth prospects, according to Moody’s analysis. “Slowing home sales and a moderation of


Housing loans reach new peak

Despite strong inflationary pressures crushing household incomes, the value of new mortgages taken out had reached its highest level since December 2014, when the Central Bank began recording data. Net new mortgage

Unaffordable student housing in Limassol

Out-of-town students attending Limassol’s Cyprus Technological University (TEPAK) have difficulty finding accommodation as rents have doubled since last year, while increased demand has reduced options. Some 600 newcomers will be joining the