Thinking of changing your GP? Do it now

Beneficiaries of the General Health System who are not satisfied with their General Practitioner should act now, as, at the end of the month, they will only be able to change doctors

Health system rocked by conflict-of-interest claims

Cyprus’ General Healthcare System is in turmoil after the head of the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO), Thomas Antoniou, tendered his resignation after personal attacks against him and the GHS. Antoniou’s resignation comes

Three years on, GHS embraced fully

Cyprus has fully embraced the pioneering General Healthcare System; the government said to mark the third anniversary of the GHS. For most of its early life, the national health service has managed

COVID19: GHS to combat abuse of system by doctors

Following accusations of financial waste and loopholes turning the General Healthcare System into a money sink, the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) charged with running the service is tightening its grip. The HIO

GHS money sink row

Three years after its historic launch, the foundations of the country’s General Healthcare System is shaky, as the government and opposition go head-to-head over allegations of waste. Emotions boiled over at the

GHS doctor faces fraud prosecution

A doctor in Cyprus registered with the General Health System will be prosecuted for filing payment requests for services he never provided, Attorney General George Savvides said on Wednesday. In a statement

Patient backlash at fat cat GHS doctors

Cyprus patient organisations are fuming over a small number of specialist doctors raking over €500,000 a year from the General Healthcare System, while there is limited access to vital drugs. In comments

COVID19: First antiviral pill available through GHS

Merck’s anti-Covid oral pill Molnupiravir /Lagevrio 200mg is the first antiviral drug for COVID-19 available in Cyprus through the General Healthcare System. Following a recommendation by the European Medicine Agency (EMA), the

COVID19: Self-tests for non-GHS members

Cypriots or residents of Cyprus who have completed their vaccination regime in other EU member states or third countries and are not registered in the General Healthcare System (GHS) are eligible for