Fixing GHS loopholes

New Health Minister Popi Kanari said closing loopholes in the country’s General Health System that allow for abuse is at the top of her to-do list. In an interview with the Financial

Hospitals told to reduce urgent surgeries

The health system is dangerously low on available beds in intensive care units, forcing authorities to reduce the number of surgeries requiring patients to stay in one following the procedure. Cyprus’ Health

President promises to improve health system

President Nikos Christodoulides said his government would upgrade the General Healthcare System (GHS) with the changes that need to be made to improve service. He visited Limassol General Hospital on Tuesday, accompanied by

Long waiting lists signal GHS failings

Long patient waiting lists have reappeared at state hospitals, with the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) conceding it has failed to make good its promise to eradicate treatment delays. The head of the

GHS: How do we pay for it all?

While the fledgling national health system (GHS) in Cyprus is a welcome development and very popular, every Cypriot seems to imagine the modest patient contribution they are required to make somehow pays


GHS physios strike over broken promises

Physiotherapists registered with the General Healthcare System staged a two-hour stoppage on Friday in protest of the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) not sticking to its side of pay agreements. Physiotherapists argue that

Thinking of changing your GP? Do it now

Beneficiaries of the General Health System who are not satisfied with their General Practitioner should act now, as, at the end of the month, they will only be able to change doctors

Health system rocked by conflict-of-interest claims

Cyprus’ General Healthcare System is in turmoil after the head of the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO), Thomas Antoniou, tendered his resignation after personal attacks against him and the GHS. Antoniou’s resignation comes