From little acorns mighty oaks grow

There was the usual sign of resignation among dwindling followers of the Cyprus national team after being subjected to another hammering in a European competition. Cyprus is not expected to pull up


Football corruption runs deep

Cyprus football’s reputation continues to be tarnished by corruption claims after the head of the National Betting Authority was under criminal investigation for refusing to provide information on match-fixing. The revelation came


Betting authority boss under investigation

President of the National Betting Authority, Ioanna Fiakkou, is under criminal investigation in connection to match-fixing claims after she refused to answer MPs’ questions at a House hearing. The House’s Ethics Committee

Even Pinnochio couldn’t fix this

Like the wave of incompetence that swept across our passports-for-cash scheme, nobody believed they would get caught playing fast and loose with the rules. There were rumblings from far-off Europe about giving

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