More government support for financial services sector

The government will further support the growth of the financial services sector by bolstering the regulatory framework, strengthening supervision, and ensuring effective enforcement, said President Nikos Christodoulides. He pledged on Wednesday evening at

MONEYVAL: Financial crime challenges persist

Cyprus has shown improvements in combating money laundering and terrorism financing but could do more, according to the evaluation by the Council of Europe’s monitoring body MONEYVAL. The anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing

CySEC quiz to improve financial literacy

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has launched its first online quiz for the public to evaluate how much they know about investments and test their knowledge of basic financial matters. The

A perfect storm is brewing

Cypriots feel the pinch as they worry about how they will pay the bills with high inflation, soaring rents and surging electricity prices. Society is gripped by anxiety caused by an uncertain


The UK’s mini-financial turmoil

We need to clarify from the very beginning that it was not really a collapse but a small-scale financial turmoil, most of which has passed, including the drama of the Bank of


Revisiting the 2013 financial crisis

The financial crisis that hit Cyprus in March 2013 affected the lives of most families in Cyprus, including mine. I was very young then, but I understood something was seriously wrong. Growing