Three bids for Cyprus-Greece ferry link

Three European entities have submitted expressions of interest in the improved tender to operate the Cyprus-Greece passenger ferry, 22 years after it was abandoned. Officials at the Shipping Deputy Ministry (SDM) said


Israel wants to join Cyprus-Greece ferry link

Israeli officials have welcomed Cyprus’ efforts to reinstate a maritime passenger link with Greece, expressing their interest in expanding the connection to include a port in Israel. Cyprus Deputy Minister of Shipping

Cyprus launches improved Greece ferry tender

After the first bid sank without trace, the Deputy Ministry for Shipping has launched a new, improved tender for reviving the ferry connection between Cyprus and Greece. According to the Ministry, the

Cyprus improves Greece ferry link subsidy

Cyprus’ Deputy Ministry of Shipping has increased the subsidy for a ferry link with Greece by €500,000 to €5.5 mln, in a bid to make the unwanted tender more attractive for operators.

Last attempt to revive Greece ferry link

Cyprus deputy ministry of Shipping is throwing everything at a final attempt to revive a ferry connection to Greece in 2022, despite indications of limited interest from operators. This time around, Cyprus