Cyprus-Estonia update digital cooperation

Cyprus and Estonia signed Friday an updated Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in digital cooperation as Nicosia forges ahead with e-governance. During the official visit President Nicos Anastasiades is paying to Estonia, the

 NFTs – A digital economy game changer

In a fast-changing, global economic environment, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), backed by blockchain technology, emerged to disrupt how our world creates, perceives, and transfers value. Features such as transparency, improved liquidity of assets,


The jobs future is digital

Efforts to attract big tech and fintech firms resulted in reputable companies relocating to the island with expectations that 2022 promises to be another boom year. Invest Cyprus, the state agency to

Pandemic forces Cypriot firms to go digital

As people spend more time working from home, using their mobile phones and social media for entertainment and information, more Cypriot businesses turn to digital platforms to market products and services. A

Cyprus to get public services digital platform

The government aspires to give Cypriots online access to public digital services from 2022 through a portal ( constructed by the Deputy Ministry of Innovation and Digital Policy with UK expertise. Deputy

Cyprus climbs digital ladder

Despite Cyprus improving its ranking on the EU’s Digital Economy and Society Index by three places, the country still sits among the poor performers. As announced by the European Commission, Cyprus has


NFT digital assets soaring in value

The term NFT, or non-fungible token, has frequently appeared in the news, usually followed by an exorbitant amount, which accompanies the sale of one-of-a-kind digital items. Collectable crypto-projects or crypto digital artworks,


Cyprus lacks IT skills to go digital

Cyprus’ shortage of IT talent and professionals are the biggest challenges the country faces on its path to digitalisation, said Innovation and Digitisation deputy minister Kyriacos Kokkinos. Talking to MPs on the