COVID19: Four deaths, infection rate stable

Cyprus reported four coronavirus deaths on Saturday as new daily infections continued to drop, to 1,606, together with the rate of hospitalisations and serious cases, down to 152 and 32, respectively. The

COVID19: Death toll rises to 823

Cyprus reported four coronavirus deaths on Saturday, with daily cases falling to 1,764, while hospitalisations dropped to 160, of whom 37 were critical. The Health Ministry said in its Covid bulletin the

COVID19: Five deaths, patients, cases decline

Cyprus reported five coronavirus deaths on Saturday, with new cases dropping 14.68% to 2,120, while hospitalisations were lower at 180 for the fourth day running. The number of critical patients also dropped

COVID19: Six deaths, cases fall

Cyprus reported six coronavirus deaths on Saturday, rising to 29 for the week and 71 for January, as new daily cases dipped 9.5% to under 2,000 and hospitalisations were stable. The Health

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