Economy withstands Ukraine war, energy crisis

Consequences of geopolitical events to the economy and banking sector have been contained, but the second-round effects are unknown, said Cyprus Central Bank governor Constantinos Herodotou. He argued that uncertainty in an


Revisiting the 2013 financial crisis

The financial crisis that hit Cyprus in March 2013 affected the lives of most families in Cyprus, including mine. I was very young then, but I understood something was seriously wrong. Growing


Cost of living crisis rages on

Unsettling news for Cypriots consumers as the Cyprus Fiscal Council’s spring report claims the cost of living will continue to rise throughout the year, with fuel prices also staying high. According to

New household debt crisis looms

Economists fear that hiking inflation now being fed by the war in Ukraine could trigger another debt crisis on the island as households struggle to pay off their loans. According to CyStat