Corruption drains the economy

Corruption saps the economy, undermines opportunities for people trying to engage in legitimate business and public services and kills international investments, said US State Department official Richard Nephew. The Coordinator on Global


Businesses fear spectre of corruption

Most Cypriot companies feel corruption on the island is widespread, threatening their business, according to the latest Eurobarometer issued by the European Commission. The vast majority (95%) of businesses believe corruption is

Corruption watchdog appoints UK lead investigators

Two UK-based legal experts are tasked with helping authorities investigate corruption allegations involving high-ranking officials, while the watchdog authority says Cypriot applicants were unwilling to probe local officials. The Independent Authority Against

Football corruption runs deep

Cyprus football’s reputation continues to be tarnished by corruption claims after the head of the National Betting Authority was under criminal investigation for refusing to provide information on match-fixing. The revelation came


Even Pinnochio couldn’t fix this

Like the wave of incompetence that swept across our passports-for-cash scheme, nobody believed they would get caught playing fast and loose with the rules. There were rumblings from far-off Europe about giving


Corruption watchdog to target senior officials

Two British legal experts tasked with helping Cypriot authorities investigate corruption allegations involving controversial ‘golden passports’ will focus complaints on high-ranking officials, including former President Nicos Anastasiades. According to local media, the

Auditor, Attorney General in ugly spat

A row between the legal service and the state Audit Office deepened after Attorney General George Savvides accused Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides of engaging in character assassination and abusing free speech. Savvides

New Cyprus president will fight migration, corruption

Cyprus’ eighth President, Nikos Christodoulides, was sworn in on Tuesday before parliament, pledging to improve the lives of Cypriots and tackle illegal migration while combating corruption. The seasoned politician gained 51.97% of

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