Drug squad chief cleared of corruption

Drug squad chief Michalis Katsounotos suspended over a recent corruption scandal, was cleared after the Attorney General said there was no evidence of any wrongdoing. Attorney General George Savvides and his assistant

Aftershocks of Qatargate

Almost everyone in Cyprus is cringing at the idea that any day now, a Cypriot link to the Qatargate will surface, either in the form of a shell-company smokescreen to take the


More dodgy passports revoked

The government has decided to revoke another seven golden passports handed out to foreign investors as the Anastasiades administration comes under fire over its connection to suspicious cases. Interior Minister Nicos Nouris

Five proposals to fight corruption

Corruption in Cyprus has filtered through most aspects of our society. First, we need to identify the extent of the problem. Second, we have to look into the causes of corruption. Last


Cyprus vows zero tolerance for corruption

President Nicos Anastasiades said his government is determined to tackle corruption and promote transparency and accountability during a meeting with OSCE Parliamentary Assembly leader Margareta Cederfelt. Anastasiades informed Cederfelt on the policies

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