COP28’s acute balancing act

The COP28 climate summit is finally upon us. It kicked off Thursday in Dubai, and over the following 12 days, it is expected to set the direction for how the world will tackle


Cities’ vulnerability to climate risks

Cities are particularly vulnerable to physical climate risks, given their geography and topography, and because they include high concentrations of people, wealth, assets and infrastructure, accounting for around 80% of global GDP.

Climate change threatens tourism

Climate change is inextricably linked with tourism, as higher temperatures, increased risk of wildfires, and rising sea levels prompt tourists to choose other destinations, experts said at a conference. In his presentation,


Dam capacity running low

Dams are currently at 58.5% of their capacity, much lower than last year, and will continue to empty until October-November when it usually starts raining in Cyprus, according to officials. Marios Hadjikosti,


Living on the extinction horizon

Those watching the heart-wrenching scenes of wildfires destroying Greece and the heroic effort against the flames have many Cypriots feeling it could be us. Cyprus is no stranger to wildfires, with the


High dust levels to retreat

High dust concentrations affecting the island are expected to decrease in the next few days with rain showers forecast, according to the Met Office. In comments to Alpha TV, the director of

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