A festive shot in the arm

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a last-minute dash to the shops to panic-buy a gift you forgot for someone you supposedly love. This holiday season is almost a replica of last year,


Wishing for a green Christmas

There was no surprise the government’s car scrappage scheme was oversubscribed tenfold, with more than 3,000 motorists jumping at the opportunity for a state grant to replace their old banger with an


COVID19: Lockdown visible on post-Christmas horizon

Scientists advising the government on the coronavirus are sounding the alarm over rising COVID-19 cases, warning of a new lockdown after Christmas if restrictions are not strictly observed. With Christmas fast approaching

COVID19: Cyprus mulls tighter measures for Christmas

Health authorities are mulling tightening restrictions to stem coronavirus, boosted by Omicron with higher transmissibility, including a limit on home gatherings and mandatory testing for all. On Monday, Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas

Just another day at the office

Probably the most exciting gift this Christmas would be to see a British PM having resigned for his taking part in a virtual pub quiz. If botching Brexit and using the British


How Omicron stole Christmas

There is a sneaking suspicion that this Christmas is starting to replicate last year’s COVID-tainted festive cheer, with infections rapidly rising to worrying heights. And the last thing we wanted Santa to


COVID19: Christmas events at malls banned

The government has approved more COVID-19 measures following the emergence of Omicron and the rising cases, including banning Christmas events at shopping malls. All Christmas events planned by department stores and malls