Businesses unhappy with e-basket

Businesses say implementing a new digital platform for monitoring retail product prices, known as the e-basket, constitutes state intervention in the free market. The Council of Ministers gave a bill the green

Doing business with Germany

The Cyprus Germany Business Association (CGBA) is hosting an event on “Doing Business with Germany” at the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Nicosia on Thursday. The event will include brief

Business bankruptcies decrease, rise in the EU

Bankruptcy declarations among EU businesses increased substantially in the fourth quarter of 2022 (+26.8% from the previous quarter), but Cyprus showed a decrease (-13.4%), according to Eurostat. During Q4 2022, bankruptcies in the

Benefits of four-day work week

In July and August 2022, PwC Cyprus implemented the four-day working week for the first time, thus extending by one day (Friday) the employees’ free personal time. This targeted action falls within

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