Blame it on Brexit

UK imports to the island halved within the first year of Brexit, as Cypriot importers turned to EU markets as British products are wrapped in tariffs and red tape. Stakeholders argue that,


Greece-UK sign post-Brexit partnership accord

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss signed a Strategic Bilateral Framework to enhance trade and security cooperation in the post-Brexit era. During a meeting at the Foreign

A trip behind the Brexit curtain

The travel environment in a post-Covid world is a taxing experience of form filling, testing, and checking the category of the country you are flying to. If you are a traveller to


UK-Cyprus trade in Brexit pickle

Some 60,000 British expats in Cyprus are tasting the bitter side of the UK exiting the European Union as they fall victim to Brexit red tape. Choosing to live out their retirement

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