Helicopter black box key to fatal army accident

Investigators into the fatal accident of 27-year-old commando Panayiotis Yiannios are waiting for evidence from the black box of the helicopter that carried him before dropping to his death off Lara Bay,

Cyprus-made drones for Ukraine army

The Ukrainian army has received military recognition drones manufactured by Cypriot company Swarmly, costing €700,000, paid for by the charitable foundation of Serhiy Prytula. The 26th Artillery Brigade and the 120th Reconnaissance


Mistakes led to commando’s death

A series of mistakes led to the freak accident that cost 27-year commando Panayiotis Yiannios his life, after falling to his death from a helicopter during a National Guard exercise, according to

Army under spotlight after 3 accidents in 13 months

The National Guard is under the spotlight following two fatal accidents and one serious injury involving non-commissioned officers during military exercises in just over a year. Earlier this week, a non-commissioned National