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Cyprus revises instructions for UK travellers

Cyprus’ Health Ministry on Tuesday issued revised self-isolation instructions to cover people who do not have any symptoms but have travelled to the UK and Greece where there is an outbreak of COVID-19. The Health Ministry revised its instructions to

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Cyprus mulling possible COVID-19 drug

A committee of experts at the Cyprus Ministry of Health is evaluating a medicine, specifically chloroquine, used against coronavirus with some effect in China. Professor of microbiology and molecular virology at University


COVID19: Pets left home alone

Cyprus’ crisis management centre is receiving distress calls from owners who left their pets at home but are stranded abroad due to COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed worldwide. Some pet owners are calling


High concentration of dust over Cyprus

High concentrations of dust were recorded in Cyprus on Thursday affecting people with allergies and other conditions, according to measurements from ground stations of the Air Quality Monitoring Network. Authorities warned the

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