High energy prices here to stay

Cypriot consumers will have to get used to living with high energy costs for the foreseeable future as failure to decarbonise the economy has authorities paying tens of millions of euros for

Electricity bills to be 14% cheaper

Consumers are to be given a breather from high energy costs, as after a drop in the cost of fuel, electricity bills in September fall by an average of 14% when a

Cyprus can’t satisfy EU gas needs

The latest gas find off Cyprus is insufficient for Nicosia to join the EU’s energy plans to become less reliant on Russian supplies, as Moscow threatens to turn off the taps, says

US backs Cyprus’ right to exploit its gas

The US State Department has reaffirmed its support for Cyprus to tap hydrocarbon finds within its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) despite Turkey’s threats to block it. “The US policy for the exclusive

 New find makes Cyprus gas more viable

Cypriot Energy Minister Natasa Pilides said Tuesday that a new gas find off Cyprus would help the EU member state speed up the commercial exploitation of its untapped resources and help supply

Eni, Total declare Cyprus gas discovery

Italian oil and gas giant Eni and its French partner TotalEnergies have made a significant gas discovery at the Cronos-1 well in Block 6, offshore Cyprus. This discovery follows the Calypso-1 discovery