Energy policy flickers in darkness

Successive governments have declared for over a decade that they want to develop the island’s onshore and offshore resources for Cyprus to become an energy hub, linking the Middle East, northern Africa,


Government optimistic over Chevron deal

The government is optimistic about a positive conclusion in its lengthy negotiations with Chevron in commercialising untapped Aphrodite natural gas. There has been speculation that negotiations with Chevron were headed for disaster

Green future needs natural gas

Japan’s Mitsui said the world lacks enough LNG for energy transition. Announced natural gas projects in the world still won’t make up for the supply needed when considering the energy transition that


Cyprus could generate 40% solar power by 2030

Cyprus has the potential to meet 40% of its energy demand through solar power by 2030, Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Francesco La Camera said. He told the Cyprus

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