Turkish Cypriot leadership wants UNFICYP out

The Turkish Cypriot leadership is playing hardball with the United Nations peacekeeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), which demands they either recognise the breakaway state or leave the north. In an interview with

Passport fraud increases at airports

Cases of identity fraud and presentation of fake documents at Cyprus airports passport control have increased since last year, police said. This issue was discussed at police headquarters under the Deputy Chief of

New bank loans up 15%

New loans granted by Cypriot banks increased by 15.4% in the first eight months to August compared to 2021, pushed upwards by higher demand for household and business loans. Despite a €182.3

Halloumi gets its own website

The government has launched an action plan to promote halloumi as a ‘product of designated origin’ (PDO) after the European Commission rubberstamped its authenticity as a Cypriot product. Aiming to boost the

ΕCB to discuss quantitative tightening

The European Central Bank Governing Council will begin discussions on shrinking its balance sheet during Wednesday’s non-monetary policy meeting in Limassol. The Central Bank of Cyprus announced that ECB President Christine Lagarde

Property sales best since 2008

Cyprus’ real estate sector is proving to be resilient, as it has recorded its best nine months of sales since 2008, according to Land Registry data. According to the latest data, sales