EMGF needs to expand, integrate

The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF), as an international body, has come into force with regional ministers meeting in Cairo, Egypt, approving the forum’s statute. The meeting of energy ministers from Egypt,


Philia Forum must be more than a talking shop

By Cyril Widdershoven  The supra-regional meeting between Foreign Ministers of East Med and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in Athens was a media success.  In a joint declaration, Greece, Saudi Arabia,


Future of East Med gas hangs in the balance

The future of East Med gas markets will be decided in the next couple of months, based on the outcome of the EU-Turkey discussions and the ongoing integration of the EMGF countries. 

EU kneels to Ankara’s aggression

Even after weeks of increased tension in the East Mediterranean and Libya, caused by continuing Turkish provocations or outright military involvement (Libya), threats (Greece, Cyprus), Brussels has shown its weakness. Again, it