‘PV for all’ to start early February

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Energy Minister George Papanastasiou said that the revised ‘Photovoltaics for All’ scheme, encouraging homeowners to install solar systems on their roofs, will be up and running from the beginning of next month.

According the latest version of the scheme, any homeowner will be able to install a photovoltaic (PV) system to reduce consumptions and lower electricity bills, regardless of whether they have the initial capital needed.

Speaking during the inauguration of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus 12MW photovoltaic park in Akrotiri on Tuesday, Papanastasiou said the new plan officially kicked off on Tuesday with the launch of public consultation and briefing the Energy Committee of the Parliament.

“Today, we introduced the plan following an invitation from the Energy Committee in Parliament. This morning, a specific category of the plan was unveiled for the purpose of gathering feedback through a public consultation process,” said Papanastasiou.

The public consultation closes on January 16.

He added that once authorities collect the feedback, the final form of the scheme will be submitted for approval to the Cabinet.

The minister said that at a first stage the scheme will be open only for applications of up to 4 kW and is aimed at medium and small households with a maximum output of about 6,000 kW per year.”

Asked if tenants of apartments can benefit, Papanastasiou said that if the apartment building has available space and there is an agreement among all tenants, then tenants can collectively benefit from the scheme.

Additionally, the system can be installed at another location belonging to the family or on another type of property.

Earlier on Monday, energy ministry representative, Charalambos Rousos, briefed MPs about the plan for 2024, which includes three categories.

Mountain villages

The first is for the existing plan, with a grant of €1,500. This is boosted by 50% for applicants in mountain villages.

The second category will target vulnerable consumers, offering increased grants for a maximum installation cost of €6,250.

The third category is the “Photovoltaics for All” plan.

Rousos said that the budget for the latest version of the “Photovoltaics for All” plan, is €30 mln, expected to cover some 6,000 applications from homeowners who lack the initial capital to install a photovoltaic system of up to 4 kW in their homes, from the earlier maximum 4.16kW.

He added that applicants approved under the “Photovoltaics for All” category by the RES and Energy Fund can proceed with installation without initial capital, and the repayment of the system, with monthly instalments of €150, which will commence from the first day of connection, payable through the electricity bill. The subsidised cost is set at a €1,000 grant and aid of €4,000 for a PV system at a maximum cost of €5,000.

Rousos said that the platform for tracking payments is currently being developed by the RES and Energy Fund.

He added that within 2024, the grant plans for promoting electric vehicle charging systems with renewable energy sources and replacing solar water heating systems will be reintroduced by the RES and Energy Fund.