Celestyal Cruises shows off new vessel in Limassol

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Celestyal Cruises presented its newest addition to its fleet, Celestyal Journey, during an onboard event at Limassol port, underlining the cruise industry’s growth in Greece and Cyprus.

During an event on Wednesday, speakers noted the cruise industry’s growth in Greece and Cyprus offers significant opportunities and benefits to the national and local economies.

A company statement said Celestyal plays a vital role in supporting local businesses, creating employment opportunities, and aiding the economic well-being of the communities connected to its operations in Greece and Cyprus.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis highlighted Celestyal’s significant role in developing the Cypriot cruise industry.

In a prerecorded message, he said the incorporation of the new vessel, Celestyal Journey, into the company’s fleet is a significant investment in the blue economy of the Mediterranean.

Koumis said that cruise tourism is a vital pillar of Cyprus’ economy, creating new prospects and opportunities and offering unique experiences.

General Director of the Deputy Ministry of Shipping, Stelios Himonas, expressed his appreciation for the highly significant work being done by Celestyal in the cruise sector, enhancing the tourism product of Cyprus and Greece.

Limassol Mayor Nikos Nicolaides congratulated Celestyal for its continuous efforts in upgrading their services and noted that Limassol is evolving into a hub for cruises.

He pledged the municipality would do its best for the passengers arriving in our city to enjoy a unique experience.

Chris Theophilides, CEO of Celestyal Cruises, said the Celestyal Journey, its contribution to the growth of the Greek cruise industry and the company’s future.

He said that on September 2, the company marked a significant milestone in its evolution with the launch of Celestyal Journey.

“This momentous occasion heralds an exciting era for us, reflecting our unwavering commitment to our passengers, to Greece, and Cyprus”.