Cyprus second in EU for people who can’t heat home

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Cyprus was the country with the second largest share of the population, declaring they could not afford to keep their home adequately warm, according to Eurostat data.

Last year, Cyprus had double the EU average of people who couldn’t afford to keep their homes warm.

In 2022, 19.2% of the population in Cyprus (9.3% in the EU) declared that they were not able to keep their home adequately warm.

Compared with 2021, this share decreased slightly by percentage points (pp) in Cyprus (from 19.4%) and increased by 2.4 pp in the EU.

The highest percentage of people unable to keep their home adequately warm were registered in Bulgaria (22.5%), Cyprus (19.2%), Greece (18.7%), Lithuania and Portugal (both 17.5%), Spain (17.1%) and Romania (15.2%).

In contrast, Finland (1.4%), Luxembourg (2.1%), Slovenia (2.6%), Austria (2.7%), Czechia (2.9%), Sweden (3.3%) and Estonia (3.4%) reported the lowest shares of energy poverty.