Cyprus warning for stormy weather

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The Met Office issued an orange warning for showers and local thunderstorms throughout Monday.

According to the warning, thunderstorms are expected to impact primarily the mountains and the eastern half of the island, with rainfall intensity ranging from 55 to 70 mm per hour.

Monday started sunny in most parts of the islands, with clouds gathering primarily along the coasts.

Local showers and isolated thunderstorms are anticipated on the higher ground and the island’s eastern half, covering Larnaca and Famagusta districts.

Hailstorms are also a possibility in some areas.

Temperatures are expected to rise to around 32 degrees Celsius inland and around 31C along the coast.

Higher mountainous regions will be cooler, with maximum temperatures of 23°C.

Overnight temperatures are forecasted to drop to around 24C inland and along the coastline, with cooler temperatures of about 17C in the higher mountainous regions.

Eastern parts of the island could see more showers in the evening.

Tuesday is expected to be cloudy, with the possibility of light showers across the island.

Temperatures will remain at the same levels as Monday, which is the average for the season.

The weather is expected to clear on Wednesday, with fine skies forecast for Thursday.

Meanwhile, concerns over possible flash floods increased as parts of the world were submerged following heavy rains, including Greece.

Last week, storm Daniel battered parts of southern Europe and the Mediterranean region, with floods sweeping across central Greece.

Extreme rainfall and flooding have claimed the lives of at least 10 people in central and northern Greece after Storm Daniel swept across the country.