New bus lane to ease Nicosia gridlock

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People travelling to Nicosia can park their car at the GSP stadium just before the city’s entrance and hop on a bus for the rest of their journey from September 4.

A new bus lane will begin operating on the highway into Nicosia as part of the Transport Ministry’s design to ease traffic congestion in the capital.

The new bus lane from the GSP stadium to the city’s entrance will be added to the road network to facilitate commuters choosing a greener ride through Nicosia.

It is designed to provide unobstructed passage for buses heading towards the city centre, particularly where traffic congestion is heaviest, especially between 07:00-09:00.

On the same day, a park-and-ride will also start operating near the GSP stadium, where commuters can park their cars and take buses at discounted rates to work.

In a statement, the Transport Ministry said the park and ride will have priority access into the capital over a 1.8 km stretch from the roundabout next to the GSP Stadium.

The bus lane will start where the highway becomes a two-lane road and stretch to the first traffic lights entering the capital at the intersection of Limassol and Athalassa avenues.

At the intersection, priority will be given to the bus.

“It is estimated there will be 20 minutes saved on all public transport routes passing through this section, as well as private buses,” the ministry said.

The park and ride station at the GSP stadium will be served by frequent buses leaving, especially during peak times.

GSP stadium parking spaces will be free to motorists who wish to park their vehicles and hop on the bus.

Bus links of the intercity bus station at Nicosia General Hospital will also serve the GSP park and ride station.

The new bus lane will connect to bus routes to the city centre.