Action plan for green, digital transition

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The Cabinet approved an Action Plan for “Green and Digital Transition” education within the European Year of Skills framework.

After Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting, Labour Minister Yiannis Panayiotou said the goal is to promote green and digital skills, quality, and safety in the workplace.

The action plan, he said, is based on promoting a modern professional culture, specialisation and certification, and socially targeted vocational training.

“During the next year, tens of thousands will participate in the learning activities included in the action plan, totalling 100,000.

He said existing resources from the Recovery and Resilience Plan, of €15 mln, will be utilised, and additional resources of €3 mln.

The Action Plan will be implemented with the Ministry of Education, the Deputy Minister of Research and the Commissioner for the Environment.

“As the focus of economic development is on the people, we will equip with all the necessary skills, which in the modern world must be green and digital”.

Minister of Education, Athena Michaelidou, said the plan includes activities and policies related to young people and the educational system.

She said there are actions in the educational system that will contribute to transitioning from a more outdated and less skills-focused system to one that allows students and young people to showcase their skills, abilities, and talents.

Deputy Minister of Research, Philipos Hadjizacharias, said the plan aims to develop and continuously upgrade digital skills in the population and at all levels, including vulnerable groups and remote geographical areas.

Commissioner for the Environment, Maria Panayiotou, said it is crucial to understand that environmental protection should not be just an additional issue in our daily lives but a horizontal aspect in every action and choice we make.

“We must incorporate the environmental impact into all our activities and ensure that our decisions take into account the environmental consequences.”