Reds reap gold in Cyprus wine contest

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Three reds and four traditional Commandaria sweet wines won the highest Grand Gold awards in the 14th Cyprus Wine Competition, with the agriculture minister reiterating support for the €4 mln export industry.

“This competition affirms the great importance that the state gives to the wine sector and its determination to help its further development,” said Agriculture Minister Petros Xenophontos after winemakers and sommeliers tasted 163 wines from 29 wineries over four days.

A jury of seven international wine experts awarded the Grand Gold to three dry red wines: Oroman (Vlassides, Yiannoudi, 2020), Argyrides Maratheftiko (Vasa, Maratheftiko, 2018) and Kolios Shiraz (Kolios, Shiraz, 2015).

Four more Grand Gold awards went to the traditional Commandaria sweet wines: Aes Ambelis (2017), St John (KEO, 1984), Ayia Mavri, and St Barnabas (SODAP Kamanterena).

According to the International Wine and Spirituous Beverages of Vitivinicultural Origin Competitions (OIV) regulations, 30% of all participants per category are awarded.

This year’s categories were dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and ‘other’, in this case, the traditional Commandaria.

Chairing the jury was Prof. Antonio Moráta (Spain), and the other members were Jelena Kuzmanović (Serbia), Roman Herzog (Switzerland), Panos Tzimas (Greece), Umberto Galli Zugaro (Italy), George Kassianos (Cyprus) and Betty Darabont (Romania).

Seven Grand Gold medals were awarded, 41 Gold, two Silver and commendations to five local varieties.

GOLD – Red dry:

Shiraz (Constantinou, 2018)

Maratheftiko (Kolios, 2017)

Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon (Vasa-Argyrides, 2019)

Oikade (Oinou Yi-Vassiliades, Yiannoudi, 2019)

Mourverde (Vasa-Argyrides, Mataro, 2019)

Maratheftiko Oak Aged (Yiaskouris, 2019)

Aion Maratheftiko (Vassilikon, 2018)

Cabernet Sauvignon (Kolios, 2016)

Artion (Vlassides, 2018)

Omeros (Aes Ambelis, Maratheftiko, 2018)

Shiraz Merlot (Ktima KEO, 2019)

Saint Fotios (Kolios, Maratheftiko, 2019)

Yiannoudi (KEO, 2019)

Maratheftiko (Haggipavlou Estate-Olympus, 2019)

Geroklima (Oinou Yi-Vassiliades, Maratheftiko, 2019)

Cabernet Sauvignon (Vlassides, 2020)

Ayiasmata (Neocleous Oinotechniki, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017)

Heritage (KEO, Maratheftiko, 2019)

Vamvakada (Tsiakkas, Maratheftiko, 2021)

Ofthalmo (Nelion 2020);

GOLD – Rosé dry:

Playia (Oinou Yi-Vassiliades, 2022)

GOLD – White dry:

Epos, Chardonnay (Kyperounda, 2021)

Xynisteri (Ezousa, 2022)

Askos Dyo Vasilisses (Constantinos Charilaou, 2022)

Palloures Xynisteri (Ezousa, 2020)

Project X (SODAP, Xynisteri, 2021)

Pistillia (Tsiakkas, Xynisteri, 2021)

Athina (Erimoudes, Xynisteri, 2022)

Meletses (Nelion, Xynisteri, 2021)

Petritis (Kyperounta, Xynisteri, 2022)

Xynisteri (Tsiakkas, 2022)

Sauvignon Blanc (Vlassides, 20220)

Iris (Kolios, Spourtiko, 2022)

Persefoni (Kolios, Xynisteri, 2022)

Rkaes (Nelion, Xynisteri, 2022)

Askos (Constantinos Charilaou, 2022)

Xynisteri (Aes Ambelis, 2022)

Alimos (Kyperounta, Chardonnay, 2022)

Xynisteri (Yiaskouris, 2022)

GOLD – White medium-dry:

Persefoni (Kolios, Xynisteri, 2022)

GOLD – White semi-sweet:

Katerina (Fikardos, 2022)

SILVER – White dry:

Paparouna (Savmel-Ktima Dafermou, 2022)

Xynisteri (KEO, 2022)

Special Commendation (local varieties):

Red Dry:

Ofthalmo (Nelion, 2020)

Maratheftiko (Vasa-Argyrides, 2018)

Oroman (Vlassides, Yiannoudi, 2020)

White Dry:

Iris (Kolios, Spourtiko, 2020)

Xynisteri (Ezousa, 2022)