Tax returns submitted through old system

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The online tax statement platform Taxisnet will be open to receive individual and corporate income tax statements for the year 2022 in the coming weeks, according to the Tax Department.

Although the state’s updated tax platform Tax for All went live in March, tax return statements will be submitted to the old platform Taxisnet.

Currently, the Tax for All platform can only cater to VAT statements.

The Tax For All platform will go live for income tax return forms in 2024 when the next two phases of the scheme come into operation.

Therefore, this year people must submit tax return forms for the tax year 2022 from the end of April – the beginning of May until July 31, 2023.

Companies will be able to submit tax returns until March 31, 2024.

Meanwhile, 30,000 taxpayers have submitted their VAT returns through Tax For All while making the required payments.

The Tax Department granted an extension until May 10 for the submission and payment of VAT for the tax period December 1 2022, to February 28 2023.

The original submission deadline ended on April 10, but according to Tax Commissioner Sotiris Markides, quoted by Phileleftheros daily, an extension has been given to make it easier for taxpayers to familiarise themselves with the new online platform.

Markides said that, through the extension given, the remaining 15,000 taxpayers could submit their VAT returns without any problems expected.

According to the Tax Commissioner, through the new platform, the Department has collected €95 mln in VAT.

As he noted, the extension will make it easier for taxpayers to transition to the new system.

At the same time, the Commissioner stated that 3,500 VAT refund requests were submitted, of which 2,100 have been pushed through.

The Department has proceeded with VAT refunds of over €12 mln.

The Commissioner also indicated that the Tax Department has proceeded to clear many tax returns of legal entities for the tax year 2020.

A total of 90,000 company tax return statements have been submitted, with the majority being cleared.

He said the Tax Department is keeping to its time framework, with only company statements submitted in March this year still pending.