Bitcoin, Tether most traded cryptos in March

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Bitcoin, Tether and Ethereum remained the three most traded digital coins in the crypto space in March, according to data presented by BitcoinCasinos.com. However, their trading volumes jumped above the values seen a month before.

After a volatile February, which made crypto traders more cautious, the global crypto trading volume spiked in March, with all major cryptocurrencies seeing double-digit month-over-month growth.

The world’s largest and most expensive crypto has seen its price rally to this year’s high.

Bitcoin climbed above $28,000 and was up 21% in March, while its price jumped 67% in the three months of the year. Also, its trading volume jumped 73% month-over-month.

BTC volume hits $1.19 trln

The CoinMarketCap data show Bitcoin’s trading volume hit $1.19 trln last month, up from $686.2 bln in February.

The world’s leading stablecoin and the second most-traded crypto in March, Tether, saw its monthly trading volume increase 11% month-over-month to $1.17 trln.

Statistics show Ethereum follows Bitcoin when looking at a trading volume increase.

Ethereum’s trading volume stood at $198.9 bln in February and jumped to $324.4 bln in March, showing a huge 63% month-over-month increase.

Also, the world’s second most-expensive crypto saw its price jump 10% last month and 48% in three months of the year, reaching over $1,800 on March 29.

USD Coin and Binance USD ranked fourth and fifth on the list of most traded cryptos. Still, while USD Coin’s trading volume jumped in March, Binance USD saw a double-digit drop.

Last month, crypto investors traded $157.6 bln worth of USD Coin tokens, 56% more than a month before. On the other hand, the trading volume of Binance USD dropped to $104.9 bln, a 46% decrease month-over-month.

The CoinMarketCapa data show significant changes in the other half of the list compared to February.

Ankr, Optimism, Filecoin and Polygon, all ranked among the most-traded cryptocurrencies that month, didn’t even make it to the list in March.

On the other hand, XRP saw its trading volume hit $96.6 bln and ranked as the sixth most-traded digital coin in the crypto space. WETH was one place behind with $52.8 bln in 30-day trading volume, showing a 54% increase month-over-month.

After months of much lower trading activity than seen in 2022, Dogecoin has seen its monthly trading volume jump to $19.1 bln and ranked as the ninth most-traded crypto in March. Conlux followed with $18.7 bln in 30-day trading volume.