Police sergeant arrested for sexual harassment

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A male police sergeant was arrested for alleged sexual harassment in the workplace against a female colleague.

A female officer filed a complaint against her supervising officer for sexual harassment while stationed in Nicosia.

Following the complaint, the sergeant was arrested, with the leadership of the force decided to suspend the officer pending an investigation.

Chief of Police Stelios Papatheodorou quickly acted upon the complaint, giving instructions for a full investigation and observing all the procedures provided for in such cases.

A police source confirmed to the Financial Mirror that the force is conducting a disciplinary investigation while looking into whether criminal offences were also committed.

“If evidence of criminal offences arises, then the case will be sent to the Attorney General for further instructions,” said the source.

The female officer is expected to provide a detailed statement on events in the coming days, while officers stationed at the office will also be asked to testify.

The senior male officer was released, as investigators believed he was not in a position to impede the investigation.

A quarter of the island’s 5,000-strong police force is female.