Qatar Airways to fly more passengers to Cyprus

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Qatar Airways’ presence is “very important”, as it connects the island with Asia and the East, while in 2023 it is expected to fly to and from Cypriot airports around 80,000 passengers, said Eleni Kaloyirou, CEO of Hermes Airports.

An event was held at Larnaca Airport to celebrate the airline’s 25th anniversary.

Kaloyirou said that in addition to the 25th anniversary, “we are celebrating its almost 10-year presence at Cypriot airports, the continuation of its activities in Cyprus and the closing of a very positive year”.

“We look forward to the end of the coronavirus pandemic, to a much better 2023.”

Qatar Airways currently operates one flight per day.

In 2022 the company had brought around 70,000 passengers, while in 2023, around 80,000 passengers are expected to travel from and to Doha.

Kaloyirou said through Qatar Airways, “Cyprus can have access to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, China, India and Africa and several others to the east”.

She hoped that the airline would, in the coming years, reintroduce a second daily flight to and from the island “to increase Cyprus’ connectivity further.”

Mate Hoffmann, Qatar Airways’ Regional Manager for Southern Europe, said: “Cyprus is an important market for us; we are very much committed to rebuilding our position here in this market.”

Qatar operated a double daily service before the Covid pandemic, while currently, they are operating a daily service to Doha.

“We hope that very soon we’re going to have the services back, which provides excellent connectivity to the market, to the Cypriot customers to travel beyond Doha to places like Australia, Singapore, or Asia or Africa,” Hoffmann said.