Limassol’s public transport goes electric

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Public transport in Limassol is going green, with 35 fully electric buses on the city’s roads in February, pushing the older diesel models into retirement.

The 35 six-metre-long electric busses will be the flagship of the new fleet of the Limassol Transport Company (EMEL), which will introduce 177 eco-friendly buses replacing the older models currently making the routes.

In comments to Phileleftheros daily, EMEL’s representative Petros Theocharides said 150 buses, including the electric ones, are currently being loaded onto ships heading for the island from China.

The other 27 will be coming from Europe.

“Except for the 35 electric ones, all other buses will be equipped with Euro 6 diesel engines, the most modern conventional anti-pollution technology,” said Theocharides.

Most buses were scheduled to arrive in early January, but delays in the supply chain caused by the war in Ukraine pushed their arrival to the end of the month or early February.

According to Theocharides, EMEL has injected some 26 mln into radically transforming Limassol’s public transport network while putting the city on the map as a leader in electric mobility.

The 35 six-metre electric buses will be able to carry up to 24 passengers and will run on routes in the city’s urban core.

It is estimated they will cover 2 million km per year, with zero pollution, while reducing noise reduction by 50%.

Actions are being taken so that after the first months, they will be powered with electricity produced by Renewable Energy Sources.

In addition to upgrading its fleet, EMEL will begin the reconstruction of three terminals for passengers with modern comforts, with provisions for improving service and rest conditions for bus drivers.

Meanwhile, the Transport Ministry is drawing up plans to set up three park-and-ride stations, encouraging people to park their car and hop on a bus when heading to the town centre.

Two park-and-ride stations will be close to the highway, in Polemidia and Ayios Tychonas, to cater to visitors from out of town.

The third station will be on Epaminontas street to cater to Limassol residents.