Euromed Tech Hub created in Cyprus

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The ANIMA Investment Network board unanimously decided to create the Euromed Tech Hub in Cyprus.

It is viewed as a “significant success” for Cyprus, as the Euromed Tech Hub will function as a regional centre for research and cooperation on issues of business innovation and the transfer of technological knowledge for the participants from the wider region of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The organisation will be jointly operated by ANIMA’s international steering committees and Invest Cyprus; efforts will be focused on promoting technology and innovation solutions that will serve the social and “green” transition of the Mediterranean countries.

“Emphasis will be placed on issues such as the optimal management of commodities, the mitigation of the consequences of climate change, the assurance of food sufficiency, and the smooth ecological transition of the regional economies,” said Invest Cyprus, the state’s investment promotion agency.

European Union funds will largely finance the Euromed Tech Hub in the context of the Euromed Clusters Forward project.

It will initially employ approximately 10 people in Cyprus, supported by a team of five members from ANIMA’s headquarters in Marseille.

“For the ANIMA Investment Network, being associated with Euromed Tech Hub is a wonderful opportunity to institutionalise 15 years of working to promote investment in innovative entrepreneurs and research valorisation in Euromed.

“This hub will also connect the vibrant innovation ecosystem we found in Cyprus with the tech community we are working with around the Mediterranean basin,” said ΑΝΙΜΑ’s General Manager, Emmanuel Noutary.

Deputy general manager of Invest Cyprus and member of ANIMA, Marios Tanousis, said: “As Invest Cyprus, we feel immensely proud of the unanimous decision of ANIMA to choose Cyprus for this particularly important project.

“It constitutes a recognition of our efforts, but also the country’s development in the fields of Technology, Research, and Innovation…recognising the enormous progress and prospects that exist. ”

Dr Nikolas Mastroyiannopoulos, National Chief Scientist for Research & Innovation, said: “As Cyprus is rapidly developing into a dynamic research and regional innovation centre, the establishment of the Euromed Tech Hub will further strengthen the country’s position while offering significant assistance and expertise to innovative businesses of the wider area.

“Moreover, it will be an opportunity for them to be active in the domestic ecosystem.

“As we are at a pivotal point in fostering a sustainable research and innovation ecosystem, the Euromed Tech Hub can only birth benefits.”

Invest Cyprus has been a member of the ANIMA Investment Network since 2008.

ANIMA operates as a financial cooperation platform for investment and entrepreneurship among Mediterranean countries.

It consists of 70 member organisations from 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

The network designs and implements initiatives to develop partnerships between the investment and business ecosystems at the regional level.

To achieve its goals, it works with more than 400 experts and external partners and numerous business associations, innovation ecosystems, investors, and research centres.