New British Bases police officers ready to serve

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The British Bases Police welcomed 37 new officers to its ranks this month after its latest recruits completed their two-year probationary period.

The officers – 30 Greek Cypriots and seven Turkish Cypriots – which were recruited in 2020, undertook their passing out parade at Flag Staff House in Episkopi in front of senior Bases officials.

The police constables will now be posted across the SBAs, and according to Chief Inspector Marcos Petrou, who headed up the training, they have now reached the end of an extremely challenging period.

“It was a demanding training process, clearly aimed to allow us to make sure we have our officers trained to the maximum.

“The process was extremely challenging, as it took place during the COVID- era.

“We are now delighted to officially confirm that the officers successfully completed their two-year probationary period and are confirmed to the rank of PC.”

PC Paschalis Petrou, from Dherynia, is one of those PCs and the 28-year-old explained why he was so happy to be starting his new career.

“It was a very demanding and challenging two years, with a lot of learning both academically and work experience, which I know will continue throughout our careers.

‘’We are now well equipped, and we feel more confident in delivering service to our communities.

“I feel proud to have successfully completed my probation period and have this passing out parade with our families and our police family.”

PC Alptekin Serdenak, who is from Nicosia, also highlighted the academic challenge the training posed.

The 35-year-old said: “Definitely a learning experience throughout these two years, building up our knowledge and experience.

“It is satisfying and rewarding to be able to offer back to our communities.”

Those words were echoed by 32-year-old Aristi Fournari, from Limassol, who said: “I am very happy and delighted with our achievement and to be able to share this proud moment with our management team and families.

“Looking back to where we started from and where we are now, it feels like we have come a long way.”