COVID19: Two deaths, new cases drop slightly

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Over the past week, Cyprus reported a drop in Covid-19 deaths and cases as health authorities reported two more coronavirus victims and 2,759 new infections.

Hospitalisations increased by nine to 53, while critical cases rose from four to seven.

The Health Ministry said in its weekly Covid report that three patients remain intubated, with COVID-19 fatalities reaching 1,189 since the pandemic started in March 2020.

The latest victims were and 84 year old man and an 89 year old woman.

With schools and universities returning to normalcy and testing resuming at increased levels, new Covid cases saw a marginal drop from last week’s 2,789 to 2,759.

Three patients, still considered post-Covid, have shaken off the virus but remained intubated and in a serious state, one more from last week.

Coronavirus infections since the pandemic rose to 593,542.

Daily average at 394

The average daily rate of infections dropped from 398 to 394 this week.

Testing remained at last week’s levels, reaching 66,500 PCR and rapid antigen tests conducted during the week, 1,500 fewer than before.

Due to the marginal drop in infections and test rates, the benchmark ‘positivity rate’ was pushed up slightly from 4.1% to 4.15%, still four times higher than the safe infection rate of 1%.

Masks remain mandatory in hospitals, at testing labs and pharmacies.

Free government testing sites are only available at state hospitals for visitors.