Afternoon hospital clinics go online

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Afternoon outpatient clinics go live on Monday, two months after opening during weekends, to help relieve pressure on Accident and Emergency departments.

It follows an agreement between the State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY) and the doctors’ and nurses’ unions.

Talking to state radio CyBC, OKYPY spokesperson Charalambos Charilaou said most doctors were willing to also do shifts in the afternoon.

All specialities will be gradually available during the afternoon hours.

Charilaou noted that at the beginning, the specialities with the longest waiting lists would be available at the 20 clinics, with scheduled surgeries being added later.

Cardiology, rheumatology, and orthopaedics are the departments with the longest waiting lists, he said.

Afternoon shifts will be counted as overtime, and an agreement has been reached with the nursing and other staff of public hospitals.

Charilaou said that OKYPY has ticked off another goal on its path to increasing the accessibility of public hospitals and for more people to use outpatient departments.

“People will be able to book their appointments with two options.

“The one option for those who are knowledgeable and have access to the internet can book their appointment through the organisation’s website.

“Within 48 hours, an operator will contact them and be given an appointment. The second option is to call in,” he said.

The organisation’s website is   or phone 22 212800.

Plans provide five on-duty clinics for adults and five for children in every district.

Clinics will operate daily from 3:00 to 6:00 pm by appointment only.