Poland welcomed most Ukrainian refugees

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In June, Poland was the EU state which granted the highest number of temporary protection statuses to people fleeing Ukraine (60,125) after Russia’s invasion, according to Eurostat data.

The total number of beneficiaries in Cyprus, excluding June, for which there is no data, was 6,575 since March.

Poland granted temporary protection status to 60,125 people in June, followed by Romania (10,360), Ireland (6,985) and Bulgaria (6,920).

While the overwhelming majority receiving temporary protection were Ukrainians, there were also nationals of other countries given such status in the EU — 405 Russians in Poland, 2,400 Nigerians and 410 Moroccans in Portugal.

Compared to May, the number of Ukrainians receiving temporary protection fell in all 19 EU states with available data.

The largest decreases were observed in Poland (35,960 people less than May 2022), followed by Lithuania (13,405), Bulgaria (12,945) and Romania (10,075).

There was no available data for Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria because the data collection is carried out voluntarily.

In the months when there was data, Cyprus granted temporary protection status to 665 persons in March, 2,740 in April and 3,170 in May.

At the end of June, Poland had 1.2 million Ukrainians benefiting from temporary protection.

Bulgaria (118,810 Ukrainian beneficiaries), France (64,970), Lithuania (48,960), Belgium (47,945) and Romania (43,550) were the other Member States with the highest numbers.

The highest ratio of Ukrainian citizens granted temporary protection in June was recorded in Poland (1.6 granted temporary protection per thousand inhabitants), followed by Latvia (1.5), Ireland (1.4) and Lithuania (1.3).