COVID19: Safe Pass ends, daily free testing stops

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Cyprus will be scrapping the Safe Pass entirely and halting free daily testing programs for COVID-19 from Sunday as the island returns to normality following two years of lockdowns and restrictions.

On Sunday, people will be free to enter any venue without exhibiting proof of being vaccinated or tested for the coronavirus.

A negative rapid test not older than 48 hours or a PCR not older than 72 hours will still be needed for visits at care homes, medical centres, and closed structures such as prisons and rehabilitation centres.

Hospital visitors will have to carry proof of a negative test carried out in the past 24 hours.

Unvaccinated health workers will also have to carry a 48-hour negative test when going to work.

Free daily testing will also be ditched, with the Health Ministry setting up free testing sites only at weekends, catering to all, regardless of their vaccination status.

Authorities urge people to get tested once a week.

People with COVID-19 symptoms are advised to inform their GP, who will send them for a free PCR test at a designated facility.

Closed contacts of a known COVID-19 case will no longer have to go into self-isolation, regardless of being vaccinated or not.

Moreover, children under 12 are no longer required to wear a face mask indoors while the ‘test to stay’ policy for all schools will be scrapped.

Students are no longer required to show a Safe Pass at school.

A ceiling on the capacity of hospitality venues, bars and nightclubs will be lifted for establishments up to 500 sqm and 85% for those over 500 sqm, with the ratio remaining one person per sqm.

The maximum capacity in stadiums and casinos was also increased to 85%, just in time for the FA Cup final on 25 May.

Wearing a face covering in indoor public spaces remains obligatory.