Melco donates five fire emergency response vehicles

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Melco, the operator of Cyprus Casinos, has donated and delivered five lightweight fire emergency response vehicles to communities affected by deadly wildfires that devasted Larnaca and Limassol’s rural areas in July 2021.

The initiative aims to support impacted communities’ relief, recovery and prevention efforts by enhancing their ability to act as first responders during emergencies.

It will improve their ability to tackle the threat of potentially destructive wildfires like the one witnessed last summer.

Melco Cyprus and CNS Group have also restored “Iamatiki” District Elementary School in Eptagonia, the area’s main primary education facility, which was heavily damaged in the fire.

The school hosts pupils from numerous communities around Eptagonia, such as Akapnou, Arakapas, Dierona, Kellaki, Klonari, Melini, Odou, Prastio, Profitis Elias, and Sykopetra.

The donation will be used to repair damage and significantly upgrade the school’s premises, thereby improving the pupils’ learning experience.

The value of the contribution to the affected communities reaches €250,000.

Lawrence Ho, Chair and CEO of Melco, said: “Melco’s initiatives to supply the rural communities of Limassol and Larnaca with fire emergency response vehicles are part of the Company’s fundamental corporate social responsibility philosophy to give back to the community.

“As a committed partner of the local Cyprus community, we aim to create a positive social impact on all levels through volunteering, donations, and other charitable activities.

“This donation will assist the local government in improving emergency response capacities while enhancing the residents’ sense of security and wellbeing.”

Melis Shacolas, CEO of CNS Group, said: “Through this donation, we are staying true to our commitment to contribute to the recovery of the communities affected by last summer’s devastating wildfires.

“We are glad to see that with the support of the state and the wider society, the local communities have started a productive and speedy rebuilding process.

“The joint contribution by Melco Cyprus and CNS Group aims to increase the area’s resilience against wildfires and ensure that its youth receive quality education in an upgraded environment.

“We are certain that very soon, the local communities will be able to thrive again.”

Panayiotis Tsolakis, President of the Community Council of Eptagonia, stated: “The recovery of the affected communities is a long-term process that requires state support and the engagement of the private sector.”