Cyprus evacuates 42 civilians from Kyiv

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Cyprus has managed to evacuate 42 people, including Greeks and Cypriots, from war-torn Kyiv and get them safely to Romania and then to Greece.

The Foreign Ministry said among those evacuated are Cyprus and Greece nationals, Ukrainians with close family ties with Cypriots, and other EU citizens, who asked for consular assistance from the Cyprus Republic.

Among those brought to safety are a baby, young children, and a pregnant woman.

The Ministry said the evacuation was “successfully completed” early Tuesday morning.

“These people were stranded in the centre of Kyiv, and their evacuation was organized and fulfilled successfully as a result of actions undertaken by the staff of the Republic of Cyprus embassy in Ukraine and the Foreign Ministry’s Crisis Management Centre.”

It said the 42 people are currently in Romania, and they are scheduled to fly from Bucharest to Athens in coordination with the Greek government.

The Foreign Ministry said it continues to work to evacuate all Cypriots safely.

Around 140 Cypriots in Ukraine are registered with the Foreign Ministry.