Cypriots prefer hybrid or electric cars

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Some 85% of Cypriot car buyers would select either a hybrid or electric car the next time they purchase a vehicle, and only 15% would opt for petrol or diesel, according to a European Investment Bank’s (EIB) survey.

The second part of the 2021-2022 EIB Climate Survey explores people’s views on climate change in a rapidly changing environment.

When asked about future car purchases, 85% of Cypriot car buyers say they will buy a hybrid or electric car.

This figure is 70 points higher than the percentage of Cypriots who said they would buy a diesel or petrol vehicle (15%).

Broken down, 51% would purchase a hybrid vehicle, and 34% would opt for an electric vehicle.

Cypriot car buyers aged 30-64 are interested in buying a hybrid vehicle (57%), while young people aged 15-29 are primarily inclined to opt for an electric vehicle (40%).

They seem to be less inclined to choose a petrol/diesel vehicle: 24% of young people would purchase this type of car, 11 points above the figure for respondents aged 30-64 (13%).

Meanwhile, 6% of the Cypriot population say they do not have a vehicle and are not planning to buy one (seven points below the EU average).

Cypriots seem more inclined to switch to new car technologies than Germans (52%) and the overall EU population (67%).

However, Cypriots seem to have similar preferences to Greeks (81% would opt for a hybrid or electric car).

Local car buyers seem inclined to choose a hybrid vehicle, with 51% of them stating their next car will have this type of engine.

This figure is much higher than the figure for Greeks (41%), Germans (29%) and the EU average (39%).

Cypriot car buyers appear less inclined to opt for an electric car (34%) than Greeks (40%).

However, this figure remains above Germans (23%) and the EU average (28%).

In general, European car buyers tend to favour hybrid vehicles (39%), while petrol or diesel vehicles are ranked second (33%), electric cars come third (28%).

While Chinese car buyers are the most inclined to buy an electric car (44%), Americans would opt first for a hybrid vehicle (38%), followed by a petrol or diesel vehicle (33%), then an electric car (29%).

Climate choices
And 57% of young Cypriots say they consider climate change when choosing their holiday destination.

However, the vast majority of them (70%) say they will travel by air for their summer holidays in 2022.

One-quarter of them (25%, compared to 13% for people aged 30-64) say they will fly to a faraway destination.

Only 17% of Cypriots say they buy second-hand clothes instead of new ones (25 points below the EU average).

Women are more likely to do so than men (22% for women v 11% for men).

And 50% of Cypriots consider climate change when searching for a job.

This is almost equally the case for 15-29 year-olds (51%) and people aged 30-64 (52%).

Overall, 48% of Cypriots consider climate change when choosing their bank or investing their savings (three points above the EU average).

EIB Vice-President Lilyana Pavlova said that despite some clear generational gaps, Cypriots are increasingly adapting their mobility and consumption habits in a more sustainable manner to tackle climate change.

“These shifts in individual behaviour show that people of all ages are willing to make stronger commitments in their daily lives to help mitigate the climate crisis.”

As the EU climate bank, she said that one of the EIB’s key roles is to finance innovative projects that help build a decarbonised future for all.